Why You Should Choose Runcorn Realty To Manage Your Property

  • Runcorn Realty is your LOCAL AGENT
  • Runcorn Realty inspect your property every four months and invite you to attend
  • Runcorn Realty have reasonable but competitive fees
  • Runcorn Realty keep up to date with legislative changes
  • Runcorn Realty continually inform you about all matters relating to your property
  • Runcorn Realty have qualified professional staff who pride themselves on teamwork and excellent customer service
  • Runcorn Realty escort all potential tenants through properties - therefore minimising security risk and enabling us to assess prospective tenants
  • Six day a week in office service
  • Daily rental arrears control
  • Rentals are advertised in the following ways:
    - Internet (updated daily)
    - Rental List, displayed at front counter (updated daily)
    - Front office window display (updated daily)
  • Extensive knowledge of the local marketplace - ensuring you receive maximum returns on your investment, with rent reviewed at every lease renewal
Runcorn Realty treat every property as though it is our own.