Tenant Guidelines


Senior Property Manager - Scott Mackay
Assistant Property Manager - Brianne Cook


Monday to Friday - 8.30am to 5.00pm
Saturday - 8.30am to 12.30pm (By Appointment)
Sunday - Closed

Please contact the office prior to coming in if you would like to see a property manager to ensure that they will be in the office to avoid disappointment.


Phone: 07 3344 3060
Fax: 07 3344 3048
Email: [email protected]
Address: Shop 2/957 Beenleigh Road, Runcorn QLD 4113


Rental Payments are only to be made in the form of bank cheque (approx. cost $9.00), personal cheque, money order (approx. cost $9.95), Rental Rewards (Credit Card 1.45%-3%, Bank Account $2.50 per transaction & BPAY $2.75 per transaction – all terms as per Rent Payment Set Up Form) or payroll deduction.   

No rental payments in cash will be accepted.


Rent must be paid in advance at all times.

Should rent fall into arrears, on the 8th day a Notice to Remedy Breach will be issued. Subsequently, on the 16th day a Notice to Leave will be issued if rent is still not paid.

There will be NO exceptions to this procedure.

Should there be an outstanding debt upon vacating or repeated breaches during the tenancy, the tenants acknowledge that their details may be listed with TICA (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia) and other default databases as default tenants.


A rental bond of four weeks rent must be held by the RTA at all times.  The amount of bond is stated in the General Tenancy Agreement.


An Entry Condition Report is handed out on the day your tenancy begins.  It is used to determine the condition of the property prior to the start of your tenancy and will be used to ensure that you return the property in the same condition.

You have three days to complete the Entry Condition Report by making any notes or comments, sign it and then return to the office.  We will send you out a copy of the report (this may be via email) and upon vacating will use this form to compare the property at the beginning of the tenancy to vacating (fair wear and tear excepted).

It is imperative that you complete this form and return in the three days as it ensures that you are not held responsible for any issues that were there prior to you commencing your tenancy.


Please ensure you notify us immediately of any changes to contact details: telephone numbers/email addresses.  This is to ensure that we or a tradesperson can contact you should the need arise.  As per your lease we may issue formal notices to your email address, so it is imperative that you keep us updated with any changes to your details.


All maintenance must be submitted to the agent in writing as soon as possible.  This can be done via email - [email protected], on our website (www.runcornrealty.com.au), fax – 07 3344 3048, post - Shop 2, 957 Beenleigh Road, Runcorn  Qld  4113 or by submitting a maintenance request form to our office.

We must first seek approval from the landlord to carry out any necessary maintenance.  Once approval has been given we will pass your details on to the suitable tradesperson who will then contact you to make a time to attend the property.

If it is found there is no fault with an appliance, amenity etc and the call has been occasioned by the tenant’s inexperience, the tenant shall be responsible for service costs eg. auto oven, hot water system not topped up, foreign objects in garbage disposal and/or toilet etc.

Tenants will be responsible for any after hour costs incurred from tradespeople due to tenant unavailability during normal business hours for routine repairs and maintenance to be carried out.


Further in this guide is our Emergency and General Repairs Procedure which lists the preferred tradespeople to contact should you have an emergency repair (as defined under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act)  Always try to contact the office first but if you cannot reach us please refer to this guide.


Tenants are responsible for replacing all smoke detector batteries as required.  The tenant must test and clean (by vacuuming or dusting) each alarm every 12 months and advise the agent immediately if there are any issues with the alarm (apart from batteries).

The tenant must not remove a smoke alarm, remove the battery (other than to replace it) or do anything to reduce the effectiveness of the alarm (e.g. paint it).


Tenants are responsible for maintaining the lawns and gardens unless it is stated otherwise in your lease.  Lawns are to be mowed, edges trimmed and gardens kept free from weeds and grass etc.  All rubbish and garden clippings are to be removed from the property.


No unapproved occupants are to reside on the premises at any time.  No boarders or subletting permitted.  All changes to occupants must be submitted in writing to this office immediately.

Any new occupants must be approved prior to moving in by submitting an application form and ID to the office, which will then be checked and permission requested from the landlord.  The new tenants will then be advised and will move in under the terms of your current lease agreement.


Routine inspections will be conducted every three to four months and tenants will be advised in writing prior to the scheduled inspection date. We will give you a two hour time frame in which we will be attending on the specified date.  We cannot alter the inspection time due to time limitations.

In the event that the tenants are not home for the inspection, office keys will be used to gain access.  Please ensure that you leave out any forms that we have asked you to complete as well as any maintenance requests.

Internal and external photos of the property may be taken during routine inspections and sent on to the landlord as necessary.


If a tenant installs their own pool, such as a portable pool or spa, they must ensure the pool complies with the pool safety standard and obtain all required building approvals (at their cost).  Permission from the landlord must be obtained prior to installing a pool.


Excess water will be the responsibility of the tenant and will be charged at the current council rate for water used in excess of 50kl per quarter.

If the property is “water efficient” as defined under the Residential Tenancies Regulations all water charges will be passed on to the tenant.  All charges must be paid to this office within one (1) month of invoice date.


Any damage to the property caused by the tenant must be rectified at the tenant’s expense.  All repairs are to be carried out by a suitably qualified, licensed and insured tradesperson and a receipt provided to this office.

The tenant must not do or allow anything to be done to the premises that would invalidate any insurance policy for the premises.  Should accidental damage be claimed on the Lessors insurance policy, the tenant will be responsible for the excess on each claim.


Permission must be obtained in writing from the agent prior to any alterations to the property including painting, hooks, nails and stickers etc.  Any alterations agreed to must be carried out in a professional manner.


Ovens, stoves and rangehoods must be cleaned properly and regularly.

Bathrooms must be cleaned regularly, ensuring tiles and shower screens are free of mould and soap residue.


Vehicles are not to be parked on gardens, lawns or footpaths under any circumstances.  Any damage caused as a result of car parking must be rectified at the tenant’s expense.

Drip trays should be kept on the garage floor to protect it from oil stains.  Any oil stains that occur should be degreased promptly or the tenant will be charged for this to be removed professionally.

Unregistered vehicles are not to be kept on the premises.

In the case of townhouse complexes the body corporate rules regarding vehicles must be adhered to.


No smoking within the premises or enclosed areas at any time.


Animals and pets are not to be kept on the premises without prior written approval from the agent.  Any damage caused by the pet must be rectified by the tenant.  The tenant must ensure that pet droppings are collected and disposed of on a regular basis.

Should pets be kept on the premises, pest control for fleas must be carried out by a qualified tradesperson and a receipt provided to this office upon vacating.


The landlord is responsible for insuring the property, however is not responsible for any damage caused to any tenant’s possessions. It is the tenant’s responsibility to insure their own property and possessions.


Any additional installations eg. Foxtel, extra telephone connections, air conditioners, cable etc require a written request to, and approval by the owner.


In the event that you lose electricity, before calling your Property Manager, check the fuse box to ensure that the safety switch is still in the ON position.  If not flick the switch back to ON and this should bring your power back on.

If the power goes off again this could be due to a faulty appliance.  To check if this is the case, turn off all of your appliances at the wall and unplug then flick the safety switch back on.  Now turn your appliances on one by one and if the power turns off after turning on one of the appliances this will be the fault.  If this is the situation it is not up to Runcorn Realty to fix the problem.

Should a tradesperson be called and it is found that there is a fault with one of the tenants’ appliances; the tenant shall be responsible for all costs.


On a fixed term lease you are required to give at least 14 days written notice of your intention to leave.  The tenancy ends on the end date of the agreement or the end date of the notice period (whichever is longer).

If the property is vacated prior to the expiry date of the tenancy agreement, the tenant acknowledges responsibility for payment of rent until the commencement of a new tenancy, in addition to a let fee equivalent to one weeks rent plus GST.

Tenants must advise the office using the correct form so that we can start advertising the property – contact the office to obtain the correct form.

With a periodic agreement you are required to give at least 2 weeks notice.

All notices must be in writing on the correct form.


Once we have received your Notice of Intention to Leave or you have been issued with a Notice to Leave, we will contact you and advise of your requirements for vacating. 

Once you have vacated the property and returned all keys to the office, a final inspection will be completed within three business days and you will be advised of the outcome.

Provided that the property is returned to its original condition as per the Entry Condition Report (fair wear and tear excepting), all rent is paid up to and including vacating and all outstanding invoices and issues settled, a Refund of Rental Bond form will be issued.

However, if there are any items of cleaning or repair that require attention, you will be advised and allowed 24 hours to attend to these.  If you are unable to do this, tradespeople will be employed at your expense.  Please ensure you provide us with ALL contact details.  If we do not have these and are unable to contact you, repairs/cleaning may be conducted on the property at your expense and without your knowledge.

Should this happen we will not be able to refund the bond until the property is returned to an acceptable condition and all invoices from tradespeople are received.

Tenants will be liable for rent until all cleaning and trades work is completed and the premises returned in the same clean and undamaged state as at the beginning of the tenancy, fair wear and tear excepted.

Tenants will also be liable for rent until all keys and remotes provided at the beginning of the tenancy (including any duplicates) are returned.


If the office is required to attend the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) for tenant breaches, the tenant is required to pay for all court attendance and/or court filing fees (as required)


Tenants are to ensure that hot water systems are topped up on a regular basis.

Topping up your hot water system

Some hot water systems require “topping up” to ensure that they have maximum water in the tank.  If you run out of hot water it is a good idea to try to top up the hot water system before calling the office.

Pressure & temperature relief valve running

It is normal for these valves to allow a small quantity of water to escape during the heating cycle and the unit expands and contracts.  The amount of discharge will depend on hot water usage.  As a guide, if it discharges more than 20 litres of water in 24 hours there may be a problem.

Continuous Trickle

This is may be build up of foreign matter within the relief valves.  Try gently lifting the valve lever on the pressure and temperature relief valve for a few seconds, these valves will release water - be aware that one of the valves will emit hot water. This may dislodge small particles of foreign matter and rectify the fault.  Release lever gently.

Steady Flow

The most common cause of a steady flow from a hot water service is a faulty valve.  Lift the lever and allow water to stream from the valve.  Release.  If the valve is still emitting a steady flow, please report this to the office so we can arrange for the valve to be replaced.

If you are unsure or unconfident above any of the above please contact the office.

For more information about renting with us, simply contact your friendly Property Management team at Runcorn Realty on 07 3344 3060